New JWC brochure for ‘XtremeDoor’

JWC Group are delighted to announce their new brochure showcasing the ‘XtremeDoor’ range is now available. Composite doors are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer the look and feel of a timber door but without the potential problems of cracking or twisting. The ‘XtremeDoor’ takes this to another level as it also provides incredible levels of security, thermal efficiency and resistance to the Great British weather.

JWC’s Managing Director, Jim Churchill, commented: “We’re proud to a supplier of a door that is widely recognised as one of the most secure and energy efficient on offer. Our new brochure includes superb examples of the range of styles and colours. It also outlines some of the many options for glazing and door furniture”.

For more details visit or call us on 10709 820420. We’d be happy to explain the many benefits of these doors and invite you to our factory, for a look at some cross sections plus samples of the glazing and colours available.