Composite Doors

Does your current composite door supplier spoil you for choice?

At JWC we want to give you every opportunity to meet the needs and budgets of your customers. We believe we are able to give you the best possible choice. 

The different permutations of a composite door: door core make-up so the style, colour, glazing designs, hardware choices and security options. The options are almost endless. All of that is before we get to that all important matter of cost. 

Choose from a wide variety of doors from our 3 distinct ranges:

Trade Composite Doors – a cost effective option of quality secure door. Offers a wide range of styles, colours, hardware. The locking options all to the latest high security standards.

Solid Doors – A thick nordic pine centre and outer structure, all encased in Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP),  gives exceptional strength and performance. 

Xtremedoor – A High-Density Foam Core with a 4mm thick durable GRP skin. A Triple-Seal Frame so this offers excellent strengthand thermal performance. Coupled with High Security 5 Hook Lock and 3 Star Cylinder makes this composite door one of the best performers on the market




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