Trade Composite Doors

Contemporary Hardware Range: A front door speaks volumes about a property. Use our range of contemporary furniture to transform a composite front door into a real property feature. Choose from the Long Bar handle, the ultra-modern Square, the elegant Bow Handle, or the timeless Classic options.

Door Colours: The door can be as individual as you like with a choice from more than a dozen of the most popular colours.

The Edges: The hinge edge of your door has a PVC edging, that we cut through to ensure the hinge you selected sits neatly inside the edge of your door. The lock edge is fitted with a full length 4mm powder coated aluminium lock strip. The lock sitting flush inside your door, making the door super-strong

GRP Skinned: For long life performance Door-Stop doors use glass reinforced plastic skins.

Reglazable: Making a door to just hold the glass is easy, but what happens if the glass unit breaks down in the composite door you fitted? The unique and patented glazing cassette in ‘Door-Stop’ doors can be removed from the inside. Letting you simply change the glass and reuse the cassette. All our doors are reglazable except for FD30s Fire Doors. 

Hardware: Choosing a Door-Stop door is so easy, as with the click of a button you can select from one of 3 entirely different lock and furniture suites.

Frame options (Sculptured / Liniar / REHAU): As a dedicated door manufacturer we make sure the door you buy from us is tailored to your needs. In addition to choosing hardware you can also select the profile. Door-Stop’s outer frame is chamfered and extruded. The Liniar offers a sculptured frame detail, whilst the Rehau option is popular in both the trade and commercial markets.

Thermal efficiency: Everything Door-Stop does is done with an eye on how to reduce the environmental impact and protect the future of our planet.

Eco-friendly doors: Door-Stop offer the first composite door to give the complete package-all-round colour. The uniquely co-ordinated details threshold, frame, door drip and edges combine together to make a truly striking appearance. You can choose from the oak or dark wood options in a large range of available door styles. This is the next step for composite doors. Oak on Oak and Darkwood on Darkwood available in these styles up to 958mm wide.

Thresholds and drips: We’re dedicated to offering the best possible looking door. You will be able to see the wheelchair threshold from the outside as it’s only 15mm high. That’s why Door-Stop wheelchair thresholds will always match the external colour you chose for the door frame. There is no need to select as this comes as standard. In the same way that if you order a colour door the aluminium door drip is exactly the same colour. The door drip does a really important job. With so many beautiful aspects to a Door-Stop door, you won’t want the door drip stealing the eye. 

Exitex MDS25: This new threshold option, which is available on all door-stop standard and FD30 doors, is wider than the current door-stop threshold at 115mm and provides greater flexibility when it comes to installation. In addition to the wider size, the MDS25 is Part M compliant for the smoother transition of wheelchairs. It has EPDM rubber seals for a robust solution that lasts. The MDS25 also has improved weather performance due to a compression rebate seal (tested on numerous occasions to 150Pa air and water) and superior thermal efficiency because of an improved thermal break.

Sidepanels: Our new GRP side panel gives loads of choice. You can choose from 7 different designs in 10 colours and with dozens of glass options. Uniquely, you can also have a choice of width, all of which can carry the letterbox. 


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