Weather Resistance

The average rainfall in the UK is between 700mm a year in East Anglia and 3,000mm a year in the Scottish Highlands*. The composite doors have been designed to be fully protected against extreme weather conditions.

The doors are tested in a pressurized chamber to simulate gusting winds starting at 63 miles an hour and up to 80 miles an hour – that’s stronger than a hurricane. They are then tested further by spraying two litres of water every minute directly at the door in their test chamber – that’s a serious amount of rain. So even when it’s raining ‘cats and dogs’ out there, your door will keep you snug and dry.

Water Tightness – tested in accordance with BSEN 1027

Air Permeability – tested in accordance BSEN 1026

Wind Resistance – tested in accordance BSEN 12211

*Meteorological Office Statistics