Locking Options

High Security Locking

Every XtremeDoor is fitted with a high security locking combination, consisting of a multi-point 5 hook door lock, and an anti-bump, anti-pick, anti-snap, and anti-drill cylinder with a high security door handle, including cylinder guards, as standard.

The lock has two hooks at the top and two at the bottom, that act like pincers, to pull the door in tight, and a central hook below the latch for added security.

An ergonomically designed hold back snib is included on the faceplate to prevent accidental lock outs.

The lock has been tested to Secured by Design standards and has passed the stringent PAS24 burglar simulation tests.


Automatic Locking Option

The Xtremedoor can be ordered with the Winkhaus AV2 Auto Shut lock which has 2 hooks and central deadbolt. As soon as the door is closed, automatic locking takes place with 2 high tensile anti-pushback steel hooks engaging without the need to lift a handle. The locked door can then be opened internally by depressing a handle, or operating a thumb turn cylinder. Entry is gained by use of a key.

The AV2 is therefore never “just locked on the latch” and the automatic locking provides instant security, negating the opportunity for any intruders to follow on into the building.

Tested to PAS24 the AV2 hook shape provides low operating forces and helps doors achieve a higher level of weather performance. When the door is closed, high security nickel plated steel hooks fully penetrate the heavy duty steel keeps and help prevent forcing apart of the door and frame. AV2 is Police Secured By Design, PAS 24, SKG, and VdS accredited.

By eliminating the need to lift the handle to engage the lock, the AV2 is ideal for the elderly. The AV2 has uniquely been awarded The Owl Mark™ approval issued by the University of Birmingham Centre for Gerontology which independently assesses products for their suitability of use with the aged.


Electronic Locking Option

An electric lock option is available which can be wired into existing or new intercom systems. The XtremeDoor can be used with the industry’s best automatic lock, the Winkhaus AV2e. This option allows the hooks to be retracted remotely and automatically engage again when the door closes. The lock is perfect for commercial use, in flats and multi occupancy properties. It can also be used in sheltered housing, special needs, and disability housing where security is paramount.