Tilt and turn

An increasingly popular choice, tilt and turn windows offer a sleek modern look. A large surface area of glass increases the amount of light let into a room, for a bright and airy feel. Easy to clean and easy to open, tilt and turn windows can be either side or top opening.

PVC-u Sliding Sash

Old-style properties are able to retain their character and charm with our PVCu sliding sash windows. They maintain the elegant look of timber sash windows, whilst incorporating the very best in modern-day technology and eliminating the problems associated with older sash windows.


The most traditional window type, casement windows offer a timeless look. Simple and functional, casement windows can be either top or side – hung, depending on personal preference or the property.

Bow and Bay

Our bay and bow windows instantly update the look of a property. Slim frames can replace old bay windows, increasing the amount of light let into the property giving a home a more modern look.